Top Tip: Removing Carpet Dents Easily!

So here it is Top Tip Tuesday! I can’t guarantee I’ll post a handy hint every Tuesday but I’ll do my best! This one is about those unsightly carpet dents that you get when you move furniture around. The easiest and the most effective way is to put ice on the dent. Here are two that I uncovered the other day when I replaced my daughter’s bed. One was narrow and fairly deep; the other was heavily dented but I couldn’t quite show how badly on the photo. I just put some ice on the dent  and occasionally gave it a rake with a fork or you could use your fingers.

Ice to remove carpet dentIce to remove dent
 When its dry give it a hoover and Voila!

Ice removed carpet dent
 This one was the narrow dent and it completely disappeared first time.

 This pesky one looked like this …

so needed another application of ice, then as if by magic…disappeared!

Carpet dent gone
 How great is that?!!

I would love to hear from you or see your creations, feel free to post a comment xx

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