Felt Heart Decoration Tutorial

I love hearts and have them all over the house in all sorts of guises – fabric, wood, coloured glass, buttons…you get what I’m saying right! AND I just started working with felt and absolutely love it, it’s SO easy to work with. I combined the two and it led me to these little cuties and they were really simple so if you would like to make them here is a quick tutorial.

-Felt for the front of the heart – I used patterned felt but plain would be great too. My hearts are about 10cm
-Plain felt for the back – I used a glittered white on the red ones – any chance I get to use anything glittery I take it!! The white is about 14cm.
-Toy stuffing or pillow stuffing or you could just use cotton wool
-White embroidery thread
-Ribbon – mine is 9cm before folding but you can make it as long as you like (p.s briefly hold a lighter to the ends to stop it from fraying)

Patterned felt

First up -cut out your hearts, I usually wing it and free hand the shape I want on the back first, but its best to draw a template on paper cut it out and either pin it on the felt then cut around or use it to then carefully draw around before cutting out.






 Place your heart on the felt you are using for the back, put a pin in the front to keep it steady and cut around with pinking shears to get that zig zag edge. I don’t make it perfect at this point, I do a final trim up at the end.

Sewing felt

Now take your thread – I use three strands of thread, knot the end and come up through the top felt heart first as that hides the knotted bit in between the two peices. I use a basic stitch around the edge; coming up through the felt (pic 1) and then straight back down (pic 2) just avoiding the edge of the top felt heart. I do this all the way along, making each stitch evenly spaced and about the same size but stop to leave a gap so we can…….


Stuff it! I use something blunt and thin to gently push the stuffing in to the curves, like the end of a pen…..


Then close up the gap in the same way as you did the other stitches. All you need to do now is fold your ribbon with the ends to the front of the heart, place it near the top and put the button on top of that and secure with a few stitches.


Hold it up and go aaaaahhhh!!

Here is a blue one too that I did with fabric but fabric frays so I backed the edges with iron on interfacing first.

Thanks for reading and I’d love to see your efforts if you do make any!

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I would love to hear from you or see your creations, feel free to post a comment xx

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