We had a go at baking for a change!

We started an Abel & Cole veg box scheme a couple of weeks ago and it is great! I love that the veg is organic, I’ve tried and liked veg I wouldn’t have bought before and all the packaging is recyclable plus the company is fun and quirky which leads me to the reason for this post.

Abel & Cole do fun competitions that I came across when I read their blog and this months was a Photo baking competition. All you have to do is bake some Citrus & Spice Shortbread, the recipe is located on their blog which you can find here and send in a photo and you can win the key ingredients to the next months recipe. Now, I don’t bake but when I read that they like a bit of quirkiness in the photo’s it appealed to my creative side and I knew the girls would love to do some baking so we had a go!

Toddler baking          Making Gingerbread

The recipe was really easy and great for the kids to get stuck in, we soon made the dough and the girls used alphabet and shape cutters which they loved! Here they are being cheeky monkeys.

Gingerbread for Abel & Cole DSC_0422 Abel & Cole gingerbread

We agreed that we should add fruit and veg to the photo and once I got the girls on track to not eat the biscuits which was REALLY hard as they smelt loooovely, they started adding the produce from our recent delivery…

DSC_0441    DSC_0439    Abel & Cole competition

The girls had great fun especially as they were making up new vegetable names whilst they were doing it like broccopear and carroty apples, which they thought was hilarious!

We finally got our photo which is this one…..

Abel & Cole competitionI love the photos with the girls in as they had such a good time but I thought this one was more generic to enter the competition! ….oh I might just send them two anyway, who doesn’t love a photo of two happy children! 🙂

We also made these with the leftover dough ….apparently the top left is me and the top right is Daddy :-/ DSC_0450We really enjoyed baking and actually I CAN do it! The shortbread was really yummy, I recommend it! We had nearly polished off the lot by the end of the day…….diet starts Monday right?!

Gem x

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