I love you….this much card

Mothers Day Card

I love this one! I got this idea from here but I got my little one to write the words on so its more personal. You could make this for Fathers Day or Mothers Day or just any occasion to make another person smile.

This is so simple to make. You just need card, glue and a marker or felt tip. I used a sheet of scrapbook card because its bigger than A4 and its double-sided but you can use any card.

I love you card

Draw around your little ones hand, I drew around both and cut them out. Cut a strip as long as you can or you could stick two pieces together and fold it up. Ask your little one to write ‘This Much’ across the strip and ‘I love you’ on the front of one of the hands. Then just glue the strip to the hands (I matched up the thumbs so the pink was on the outside of both hands). You may have to cut across the bottom of the hands to make it stand up!

Mothers Day Card for kids

Its great isn’t it! I even found a pink envelope to put it in….hope Daddy doesn’t mind that!!

Fathers Day Card

Love Gem x

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