Hi and welcome to my blog, I’m Gem, I am married and I’m a mummy to two young girls. I’m finally finding a little bit of time and energy for me and have found my way back to the crafting table after the haze of having babies. I would really like to share all the fantastic things that I come across as I search for ideas to make new things. I hope to post easy tutorials, link to great ideas, give helpful tips on a range of subjects, not just crafting and generally make this little blog an inspiring place to come.

I am a pinterest addict, I love fabrics, colours, crafting, sewing and making in general. I’ll have a go at anything craft related. I also enjoy working out, I have started to regain my fitness after having the children and try to eat clean and train regularly which makes me feel so good but as always can be tough to fit in to family and working life. Unfortunately keeping fit is the first thing that disappears when I get too busy but I like a challenge so thought I’d throw in writing a blog too 🙂 Life’s just one big juggling act and I am the queen of procrastination …. Here’s to elasticated waistbands then *chink* ‘Cheers!’

Gem x

I would love to hear from you or see your creations, feel free to post a comment xx

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