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Bunny Cup Gift

Easter Bunny Cup
I made these little bunny cups as an alternative to buying easter eggs for my nieces and nephews as they get enough. They are half filled with sweets, mini eggs and chocolate coins and they are pretty cute! They are very simple to make, and you don’t need to go by what I used to create them. They would look just as effective with – card, paper, funky foam, cotton wool balls, buttons, sticker dots….you can use whatever you have to hand and in whatever colours you like – WIN!

I used:

  • A silver party cup
  • Grey and pink felt for the ears
  • Pink and white pompoms
  • Stick on eyes
  • Sharpie pen for the whiskers
  • Pink tissue paper for inside

Easter Crafts

Take the cup and add a nose, ensure the seam of the cup is at the back to make it neater. I used a hot glue gun here as it’s quick but white gloopy glue would work fine.

Easter crafts

Add two pompoms just under the nose.

Easter Crafts

 Draw whiskers and a mouth.

Easter Crafts
Add eyes.
Doesn’t he look cute already!
Easter gift

Cut two bunny shaped ears in two different colours with one colour being smaller than the other.


Easter Crafts


Place the smaller one on top of the other and glue in place. If you are having two sticky up ears do this to both. If you are having one droopy ear then leave off the second smaller inner ear as in this photo.

Glue the ears on the inside of the front of the cup.


Easter Crafts


Add some glue to the tip of the ear with no inner piece and glue down to the side of the eye.

….I love him…..I’d be happy to receive this little dude!


Easter gitf ideas


Add some scrunched up tissue paper to the base to fill out some of the room in there.

Easter Crafts


Fill with goodies 🙂

Easter Gift Ideas


Make as many as you need. My little one decided we had to have some with two sticky up ears, all I need to do now is fill them all up and they are ready to go!

Gem x

Easy Felted Polystyrene Easter Eggs

Polystyrene easter eggsEaster is fast approaching and this year I have decided to decorate the house to give the girls a sense of excitement about Easter Sunday. I know these ‘believing’ years won’t last long so I want to make the most of every moment of wonder, for their sake as well as my own.

These are an adult only craft as the needle is extremely sharp.

Wool roving and polystyrene


To make these all you need is:

-Wool roving

-Polystyrene or Styrofoam eggs – any size

-A felting needle – I’d buy a couple as they can snap. It has to be a felting needle as it has tiny barbs on the point that helps to felt the wool so a normal needle can’t be used.

Wool Roving


To cut wool roving, the best way is to hold each end and pull gently…

Wool roving trimming


…..and the wool will naturally come apart. This gives it a feathery edge rather than a blunt thick edge which is more difficult to disguise and can look a bit lumpy.

making felted eggs


I start at the top of the egg so for this I pull out a strand of the wool roving.

making polystrene felted eggs felted easter eggs felted easter egg


Start to coil the end of the roving up.


Make it a bit loose as the felting process will cover up the gaps.


This is for the top of the egg. If you need to make it bigger then just add another strand at the end of the last one and continue to coil, it will naturally stay together.

needle felting sytrofoam


Add it to the top of the egg, take your needle and stab downwards in a straight line. This will anchor the roving in to the egg. Keep stabbing the roving all over until it is stuck down. You can be quite hard and fast here but take care of your fingers and keep them out of the way of the needle.

Eatser craft Easter Crafts felting eggs


Here, I am adding stripes – take a strand of roving in the colour of your choice and lay it across the egg.


Hold it fairly taut and stab in to position all the way around. The left over end bit you can either tease out (if its long) and then stab down or just stab down overlapping the ends as it should be quite thin and won’t show.


To make the lines really straight, go around the edge and gently push in any strands that are wobbly.

Easter decorations

Stripy easter egg


Keep going in the colours you like, bigger stripes take less time.


Once you get to the bottom, make another coil and felt it down in the same way.


I like to give it a final stab all over with the needle and then make loads more in all different sizes 🙂

easter egg ideas easter egg ideas Easter craft


To make one colour, I take a thicker strand and stab in to place


Keep going in sections like this as it gives it a neater appearance rather than wrapping the roving in one big piece around the whole egg.


Make coils for the top and bottom as before. To add spots just make very small coils and felt them on.

Easter decorations


I’ve added mine to a basket but you could add a ribbon to the top and hang them.

Gem x