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New Year – One Word…..

I love a new year. Its kinda like a chance to start afresh. To try again. Make promises and resolutions…. then dive head first in to the year and see what happens. If you are anything like me – LIFE happens and it all goes to pot after the first month and the year disappears fast. I always have in the back of my mind the things I want to achieve but never quite do what I want to do. This year though is different. Absolutely. I promise.

The reason this year is different is because I am focused, I want this year to be my best year yet – personally, creatively, spiritually. My resolutions are normally half thoughts, not really thought out and no planning as to how I will accomplish them. This year though I have a secret weapon to achieve my goals. You know what that is – it is a PLAN. Yep, a plan. A hand written plan of action. 2013 is going to be BIG!

To help me on my way, instead of listing a load of resolutions, I am going to use one word to live by. To define my year and push those dreams my way. I thought about the words that meant something to me which you can see below but finally settled on this one – DRIVE.

Dictionary Definition: (verb) To strive vigorously toward a goal or objective; to work, play, or try wholeheartedly and with determination. Yep that’ll do me just fine for this year.


One Word

The other words I thought about will still be whirling around me as I take on the year, but the one I am going to think hard about when life is being awkward is DRIVE and you know what? Its going to be great…….. because I have a plan.

Care to join me on a one word journey this year? Let me know what yours is…