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Lolly Stick Christmas Decorations

Toddler Xmas Crafts
Just a couple of quick ideas here – we’ve been crafting all week and the girls are really getting in to the Christmas spirit.

We made these easy decorations using lolly sticks but you could use twigs or thick card.

Lollypop snowflake
 I hot glued the lolly sticks into a cross shape then added another straight through the middle.
The kids dotted big-ish blobs of glue with a paintbrush and then picked out and added their buttons. I cut some felt and added it to the back with hot glue.

Lollypop TreeFirst we coloured the lolly sticks with green felt pen.

I then hot glued the sticks in to a triangle and the girls dotted glue and added sequins, pom poms and jewels.

I added some wool to the back for hanging.

lolly xmas tree
We hung them up on our tree and I’ve got to say I love our tree this year. There are lots of the childrens decorations on it now which makes it really special to me.
If you don’t have buttons, you could just use glitter (usually our first choice!) or use silver sequins or even paper circles – any small embellishment could work.

Kids Christmas Tree Garland

Getting stuck InI know its only the 1st December but we are soooo excited about Christmas in our house that I thought we would make a start on some decorations that the girls make themselves and hopefully can bring out each year until they are literally falling apart plus we needed cheering up as we have been unwell all week.

This project was brilliant. The girls loved decorating the trees and I loved the end result. This is what we did:

Cut Triangles

 I cut some triangles out of green card – I had a few different shades but just one shade of green would be just as great. I also cut mine different sizes but again I really don’t think that is important.

Setting Up

I set the girls up in a bit of a production line but they ended up just doing one at a time. I put pots of glitter, gems, pom poms, wool, sequins, anything I could find that they could use to decorate the trees. 

Glue and Sparkle

For a few of the trees I put the glue on so they could specifically create a tinsel effect with sparkle. The reason being I knew once the girls got started the trees could potentially all look the same so I thought it would distinguish a few as actual Christmas trees. 

In Progress

In fact I needn’t have worried as they loved the effect and my 2 year old exclaimed ‘They’re really great!’ about 3 times and then they both did their own tinsel lines on a few. They both really impressed me with how creative they were, I gave them a few ideas (of course, I can’t help butting in!!) and they crafted for aaaaagges! 

Once they were all done, I left them to dry and put the garland together when the girls were in bed.

Painted on Glue 
I decided to put discs of red card in between to make the garland longer (plus I have ajust bought a 2inch hole punch and reallly wanted to try it out :D….win!) So I decided on the words Happy Christmas and took a paintbrush and painted a letter in glue on each circle.


Glitter Letter


You can never have enough glitter, right?!

I just sprinkled glitter all over it, tapped it off and left it to dry.

The girls could have helped with that bit if they hadn’t been asleep.


To put it all together all I did was use a large needle and some festive red twine.

Sewing the Garland


Then I just sewed in from the front, around the back of each item and then back out to the front in roughly the same place opposite the first hole.

Like this —————————————>


A couple of tips here:

  • Layout your peices in order across the floor and sew them there, it doesn’t take long and you can instantly see your next peice to thread.
  • Make sure you leave a reasonable length of twine on the needle so that you have enough twine to hang your garland up.
  • When I threaded the needle and pulled a good couple of feet through (for hanging) I didn’t cut the twine, I just left it on its roll and cut it when I had finished the sewing. This way I could make sure I had enough.
  • I found it easier to pierce the card with the needle from the front in both places first, then sew, that way when you come through from the back you already have the hole in the right place.

Here are a few of their decorated trees. Its great when you do these things, to see just how capable little ones are and I learn things about them every time. My little two year old was so colour co-ordinated which I haven’t really noticed before. She had to have all the same colours on her tree or two colours that matched together! You can tell which ones are hers! And the older one copied every technique I showed her, for herself. It makes me very happy to have such great crafting sessions together.Christmas Tree made by kids

Here is our finished garland in place in the hall, its a really bare area so has brightened it up and I couldn’t get a good photo of it but trust me, it looks absolutely adorable! I love it!!

Christmas Tree Garland

Play Felt Christmas Tree Tutorial

Child Friendly Christmas TreeIntroducing the child friendly Christmas tree!

Its completely made with felt which is fairly cheap and no sewing required which basically means it doesn’t take that long to make unless you faff like I do Hoooraaay!!! The idea is that the kiddo’s can dress the tree themselves and re-dress it as much as they like – as felt sticks to felt on its own – so no messy stuff – its a winner!!

I have made one each for the girls bedrooms so even if the novelty wears off they will still love having their own Christmas Tree in their bedroom.

Here is my littlest one trying it out and was engrossed from the start!

I’m going to keep this as brief as possible – its basically self explanatory but I have used a couple of techniques to make it easier which I will expand upon.


  • Green felt (1 -1.5metres depending on size-my tree was 42” wide and 38″ tall)
  • a selection of coloured felts
  • Ruler
  • Pen for marking the felt
  • Scissors

Optional Extra’s

  • Vilene Bondaweb (iron on adhesive) 1/4 a metre
  • Heat n Bond Lite 1/2 a metre max
  • Rotary Cutter and Mat

First I drew out my Christmas tree shape – NIGHTMARE! I wanted it to look symmetrical but can’t seem to draw a Christmas Tree freehand on felt so here is how I did it. Its not as complicated as I probably make it sound!

First draw a triangle as big as you want the tree – you could leave it like that and cut it out – young children will not mind one bit BUT I do 🙂 so I then divided up the length of one long side of the triangle – I started by measuring 6 inches down from the top then 8 inches for the rest of the branches see 1st pic below.

Then at the first point I measured a 1 inch line coming in from the side then at each point increased it by 0.5 inch (to make bigger branches) Phew nearly done! Starting at the top point I used a ruler to join up the inner end of the line to the outer end of the line below it and did that all the way down and repeat on the other side (see middle pic)

Once happy – Cut it out! Click on the photo below to enlarge it, its not great but you’ll get the gist.

Now cut out your decorations – the great thing with felt is it doesn’t fray so just cut out your shape and you are done! They can be as simple or as intricate as you like.

Felt tree ornamentsI used a ramekin dish to cut out the baubles. The snowflakes took me a while to figure out but I found a template online and once I got one right I just used it to cut around the rest.

I embellished the crackers, presents and candy canes by using the iron on adhesive.

All you need to do is cut out what detail you want to add in felt, iron on the adhesive which has paper on one side, take the paper off and place it on the decoration and re-iron to bond both together. Simples!

You could of course sew the felt together or use glue.

Now for the best bit… putting it up! You could use drawing pins if you’re not worried about damaging the wall otherwise 3M Command strips would work or if its going straight on to brick you could use a hot glue gun as it will peel straight off but I used Heat n Bond Lite which allows you to IRON FABRIC STRAIGHT ON TO THE WALL and it will easily peel off with no mess!! Can you believe it! Imagine the possibilities. I tested it in both rooms as the wall coverings are different and it worked. I first discovered it over at The Brassy Apple and have seen it used on all sorts of projects elsewhere but test an area first though as its not actually designed for that!

I cut the HeatnBond in to strips, using a rotary blade and mat, then ironed on strips all the way around the tree and a few in the middle.

Just take off the paper and iron on – I did need some help getting the felt straight and keeping it smooth though as its quite big.

Now decorate until your hearts content. I did think that as I had made 24 decorations I could make it in to an Advent Tree by giving them one decoration a day but I knew I wouldn’t be able to resist so I let them both have a play before hiding the decorations away for a couple of weeks.

It got a thumbs up from the girls and I think its a really cute way of keeping their hands off the real tree especially for really young ones. Its probably best suited to 1-3 year olds although I only made one for my eldest who is 4 as I thought she would feel left out, but she really enjoyed dressing the tree and even more so loved having it in her room so who knows what the age limit is!

Hope you enjoyed the tutorial.

 Gem x

The original source for this project was from Johnny in a Dress!

Somewhere Over The Rainbow

Rainbow party

It was my daughter, Eva’s 4th birthday, like me she enjoys making things and even at her age has very set ideas about what she likes, so when we first talked about ‘the party’ I showed her a few ideas and BAM! found inspiration on Juicy Bits blog that Eva fell in love with instantly and we agreed a Rainbow themed party it had to be. Here she is on the day and to say she was excited would be an understatement. As normal I left everything to the last minute but I work best under pressure …sleep is for wimps isn’t it?! I didn’t do everything I wanted to but it didn’t matter as it worked out wonderfully.

First up I needed decorations; I had a load of bright coloured card in my crafting stash, so made up some rainbows to hang from the ceiling.

Sewn Card to make a rainbow

Frilly Crepe streamers

I found this decoration idea at Oh Happy Day’s blog using crepe which is so cheap and easy that I quickly made some up in rainbow colours to hang from the ceiling.
I tasked my husband with blowing up a lot of balloons so we could make this little beauty:

There is a really great tutorial at Design Moms Blog– it took no time to make up, only cost £7 (I actually bought £20 worth of balloons but only used a fraction of them and I used a really old packet of dental floss for sewing them together…what can I say, I’m a hoarder) I also made mine smaller so used only two sets of each colour rather than three. Its still up a month later!

Photos from newborn to 2 years

I really wanted to see how Eva had grown since she was born so I backed photos on to coloured card and my husband stuck them on the wall in a rainbow shape.

These are newborn to 2 years…

Photos 2 years to 4 years 

..and these are from when she was 2 years to 4 years old and I found the perfect free printable here that I framed.

You can’t really see it in this photo but it looks like this:
Kids in colours

We only had close family coming to the party so beforehand I organised for each child to wear a top in a colour of the rainbow then I made a simple tutu for the girls and a cape for the boys in the colour of their top, which they loved and I really enjoyed doing. Tutorials for both coming soon 🙂
Rainbow tutus

Look at these cute little rainbow sprites! 

I also made hairclips, here are a couple of them. Click pic to enlarge. 

The boys had to try out their capes of course and I have some great photo’s of them flying off the sofa.  To infinity and beyond……

We made a few rainbow nibbles for their lunch.

My sister made a fabulous rainbow cake and my husband, Greg made some rainbow marshmallows.


I found some paper plates and cups online that I could pick colours individually so each place had one colour of the rainbow for its setting and the same colour balloon tied to the back of the chair. Funnily enough they all wanted to sit on the colour that they were wearing. I also cut kitchen paper towel in to cloud shapes.
Handmade balloon wreath 

I had made a wreath with balloons for my youngest the month before and has now become a tradition to hang on the door for all our birthdays. All 4 birthdays fall over 4 weeks of each other so it practically stays out for a month and its really robust.   Rainbow balloons  

I wanted everyone who came to the party to get in the rainbow mood from the minute they turned up so we pegged balloons in to the ground on the path up to the house. We also did a treasure hunt with one of the clues being in our post box on our gate so it was nice to carry the rainbow theme out there too.  
 We played the normal party games like pass the parcel, musical statues and we had pin the horn on the unicorn but we also did a really fun treasure hunt too where the kids had to find clues each one being on the back of a coloured paper plate and together work out where the treasure was; of course it was at the end of the rainbow (balloon rainbow) and we filled a basket with gold coins which they shared out between them.

The colours created wonderfully vibrant photos.
We finished off with making some candy floss in different colours – pale green, yelow, pink and blue
 Sugar Rainbows

And by complete fluke these sugary rainbows were left on the candy floss machine!
I made chilli to fill up the 9 adults and we were all ‘caked’ out after the tasty rainbow cake. The little sprites all had party bags to delve in to and all in all we had a fantastic day – I was shattered by the end of it! Here I am when everyone had gone home…..yay its all over – I loved every minute of it but glad to be going to bed to sleep rather than to think of rainbows!!!