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Somewhere Over The Rainbow

Rainbow party

It was my daughter, Eva’s 4th birthday, like me she enjoys making things and even at her age has very set ideas about what she likes, so when we first talked about ‘the party’ I showed her a few ideas and BAM! found inspiration on Juicy Bits blog that Eva fell in love with instantly and we agreed a Rainbow themed party it had to be. Here she is on the day and to say she was excited would be an understatement. As normal I left everything to the last minute but I work best under pressure …sleep is for wimps isn’t it?! I didn’t do everything I wanted to but it didn’t matter as it worked out wonderfully.

First up I needed decorations; I had a load of bright coloured card in my crafting stash, so made up some rainbows to hang from the ceiling.

Sewn Card to make a rainbow

Frilly Crepe streamers

I found this decoration idea at Oh Happy Day’s blog using crepe which is so cheap and easy that I quickly made some up in rainbow colours to hang from the ceiling.
I tasked my husband with blowing up a lot of balloons so we could make this little beauty:

There is a really great tutorial at Design Moms Blog– it took no time to make up, only cost £7 (I actually bought £20 worth of balloons but only used a fraction of them and I used a really old packet of dental floss for sewing them together…what can I say, I’m a hoarder) I also made mine smaller so used only two sets of each colour rather than three. Its still up a month later!

Photos from newborn to 2 years

I really wanted to see how Eva had grown since she was born so I backed photos on to coloured card and my husband stuck them on the wall in a rainbow shape.

These are newborn to 2 years…

Photos 2 years to 4 years 

..and these are from when she was 2 years to 4 years old and I found the perfect free printable here that I framed.

You can’t really see it in this photo but it looks like this:
Kids in colours

We only had close family coming to the party so beforehand I organised for each child to wear a top in a colour of the rainbow then I made a simple tutu for the girls and a cape for the boys in the colour of their top, which they loved and I really enjoyed doing. Tutorials for both coming soon 🙂
Rainbow tutus

Look at these cute little rainbow sprites! 

I also made hairclips, here are a couple of them. Click pic to enlarge. 

The boys had to try out their capes of course and I have some great photo’s of them flying off the sofa.  To infinity and beyond……

We made a few rainbow nibbles for their lunch.

My sister made a fabulous rainbow cake and my husband, Greg made some rainbow marshmallows.


I found some paper plates and cups online that I could pick colours individually so each place had one colour of the rainbow for its setting and the same colour balloon tied to the back of the chair. Funnily enough they all wanted to sit on the colour that they were wearing. I also cut kitchen paper towel in to cloud shapes.
Handmade balloon wreath 

I had made a wreath with balloons for my youngest the month before and has now become a tradition to hang on the door for all our birthdays. All 4 birthdays fall over 4 weeks of each other so it practically stays out for a month and its really robust.   Rainbow balloons  

I wanted everyone who came to the party to get in the rainbow mood from the minute they turned up so we pegged balloons in to the ground on the path up to the house. We also did a treasure hunt with one of the clues being in our post box on our gate so it was nice to carry the rainbow theme out there too.  
 We played the normal party games like pass the parcel, musical statues and we had pin the horn on the unicorn but we also did a really fun treasure hunt too where the kids had to find clues each one being on the back of a coloured paper plate and together work out where the treasure was; of course it was at the end of the rainbow (balloon rainbow) and we filled a basket with gold coins which they shared out between them.

The colours created wonderfully vibrant photos.
We finished off with making some candy floss in different colours – pale green, yelow, pink and blue
 Sugar Rainbows

And by complete fluke these sugary rainbows were left on the candy floss machine!
I made chilli to fill up the 9 adults and we were all ‘caked’ out after the tasty rainbow cake. The little sprites all had party bags to delve in to and all in all we had a fantastic day – I was shattered by the end of it! Here I am when everyone had gone home…..yay its all over – I loved every minute of it but glad to be going to bed to sleep rather than to think of rainbows!!!