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I love you….this much card

Mothers Day Card

I love this one! I got this idea from here but I got my little one to write the words on so its more personal. You could make this for Fathers Day or Mothers Day or just any occasion to make another person smile.

This is so simple to make. You just need card, glue and a marker or felt tip. I used a sheet of scrapbook card because its bigger than A4 and its double-sided but you can use any card.

I love you card

Draw around your little ones hand, I drew around both and cut them out. Cut a strip as long as you can or you could stick two pieces together and fold it up. Ask your little one to write ‘This Much’ across the strip and ‘I love you’ on the front of one of the hands. Then just glue the strip to the hands (I matched up the thumbs so the pink was on the outside of both hands). You may have to cut across the bottom of the hands to make it stand up!

Mothers Day Card for kids

Its great isn’t it! I even found a pink envelope to put it in….hope Daddy doesn’t mind that!!

Fathers Day Card

Love Gem x

DIY Fathers Day Card

I really liked this idea from Martha Stewart but thought I’d make it something that the kids could get involved in for Fathers Day so used a plain tie that the kids could decorate 🙂

Children DIY Card

You will need A4 coloured card that you cut down the middle lengthways (you can make any sized cards though) and some white paper.

First take your coloured card and fold it in half – mine is around 11cm x 15cm once folded


Then cut about an inch in from the top on both sides and fold in.


Cut a tie shape ensuring it fits inside the shirt – you need the tip of the tie to line up on the bottom edge.

Shirt and Tie card

Now the fun part – your little one can decorate the tie however they wish – felt pens, paint, glitter, wool etc then stick it to the front of the card starting at the bottom so the bottom edge lines up, then add some small buttons on the lapels. Here are the ones we made when my neice and nephew came around.

Toddler Fathers Day Card

I really like how they can put their own style on to their card and they could even decorate the shirt too 🙂

Gem x

Bunny Cup Gift

Easter Bunny Cup
I made these little bunny cups as an alternative to buying easter eggs for my nieces and nephews as they get enough. They are half filled with sweets, mini eggs and chocolate coins and they are pretty cute! They are very simple to make, and you don’t need to go by what I used to create them. They would look just as effective with – card, paper, funky foam, cotton wool balls, buttons, sticker dots….you can use whatever you have to hand and in whatever colours you like – WIN!

I used:

  • A silver party cup
  • Grey and pink felt for the ears
  • Pink and white pompoms
  • Stick on eyes
  • Sharpie pen for the whiskers
  • Pink tissue paper for inside

Easter Crafts

Take the cup and add a nose, ensure the seam of the cup is at the back to make it neater. I used a hot glue gun here as it’s quick but white gloopy glue would work fine.

Easter crafts

Add two pompoms just under the nose.

Easter Crafts

 Draw whiskers and a mouth.

Easter Crafts
Add eyes.
Doesn’t he look cute already!
Easter gift

Cut two bunny shaped ears in two different colours with one colour being smaller than the other.


Easter Crafts


Place the smaller one on top of the other and glue in place. If you are having two sticky up ears do this to both. If you are having one droopy ear then leave off the second smaller inner ear as in this photo.

Glue the ears on the inside of the front of the cup.


Easter Crafts


Add some glue to the tip of the ear with no inner piece and glue down to the side of the eye.

….I love him…..I’d be happy to receive this little dude!


Easter gitf ideas


Add some scrunched up tissue paper to the base to fill out some of the room in there.

Easter Crafts


Fill with goodies 🙂

Easter Gift Ideas


Make as many as you need. My little one decided we had to have some with two sticky up ears, all I need to do now is fill them all up and they are ready to go!

Gem x

Simple Coloured Rice for Sensory Play

Sensory Play
I’ve been wanting to make this coloured rice for ages, actually, since the girls have been asking for their sand pit which is currently outside, soggy, smelly and not to mention the ridiculous changeability of our weather – Its March yet its snowing outside!

This is a great alternative that can be used indoors…if you don’t mind hoovering up a bit afterwards.

I have been wanting to experiment a bit with it as I had read a recipe for adding rubbing alcohol which I really don’t like the thought of for small children to be handling or the smell!

For me doing anything like this for the kids has to be simple so here’s my recipe!

You will need:

  • Cheap basic rice – I got mine from a Cash and Carry (5kg and used about half in all)
  • Food colouring
  • Zip loc bags (makes it easier but sandwich bags or a bowl would do it)

Optional Extras:

  • White Vinegar (instead of rubbing alcohol) – personally I wouldn’t bother using either.
  • Water – a few drops to help mix the colour if it seeems a bit thick

    See the bottom of post for why I would choose not to use these things.

Toddler play

Add the amount of rice you want to colour to the bag

Toddler Play

 Add the food colouring – don’t be shy here…. try a few blobs and add more if necessary. The more you add the more vibrant it will be.

Toddler Activities

Close the bag up and massage the rice inside so its all covered. This is where the Zip Loc comes in handy as I kept adding dye until it looked really vibrant!

Make whatever colours float your boat, even just one colour looks good to a child.

Sensory Play
Transfer them to a dish so the rice can dry overnight (baking trays covered in foil would also be good here) I actually couldn’t wait so after a while I put them in the oven on really low for 10 mins giving it a stir half way to help it along. I still left them in their trays overnight though as the rice was hot and it was nearly bedtime anyway.

Then when its all dry put it in a container with enough room so the kids can play – I used a Really Useful Box for wrapping paper but any large plastic tub would work.

Toddler play

How AMAZING does that look!

Toddler Games

Coloured Rice
The Girls LOVED it! They played for ages and made up all different kinds of games. It did make me think it would be great outside when it’s warmer too ……


as it didn’t take me long to realise that I should put a mat down ……………………




Toddler play
Like so ….. because it made it so much easier to clear up!

One of the games we played was hiding treasure. I found really small objects like a hair clip or a small image I had cut out of a card and hid them in the rice and they had to find them. That then gave me all sorts of ideas like hiding buttons and asking them to find the right coloured one – a bit like button bingo! We played for ages just sprinkling it on our hands because it felt nice, a bit like sand in a way.

I reckon it will last months before dirt and grime will mean I need to replace it! I have a lid for the box so that will make it easy to store away too.

Coloured Rice
By the end it had all mixed up in to this fantastic rainbow coloured rice!

Why I chose not to add anything else to the recipe!

I believe using Rubbing alcohol or the safer alternative- White Vinegar makes the colour less likely to come off. However, I found just using the food colouring, that once the rice was dry it didn’t come off anyway. I added vinegar to the blue one to test it and to be honest it made it smell….very vinegary which wasn’t very nice!

I tested it by putting some blue rice in to a bowl of water and a very faint amount of dye came off as opposed to when I put the red rice in a bowl of water more came off (not majorly but thought i’d point that out). So I would suggest if you think your little one is likely to empty their drink in it then throw the rice at the walls or maybe get really sweaty hands it may be worth using white vinegar. I’ve told my kids they mustn’t get it wet (just in case) and I will supervise them when they are playing with it anyway but it really doesn’t worry me. If you do want to use vinegar add it when you add the colouring about a tablespoon to a large cup of rice.

If you use any drops of water, it will make the rice wetter and will take longer to dry so use sparingly. My orange and green had water in them and I can’t say they were any better than the rice with nothing added (Red, Pink, Purple)

Hope you have fun, its great fun making it as well as playing with it!

Toddler Tissue Paper Heart

Its all about the children this week as we have a few days off work but we are all ill so we’re mostly stuck inside. I put together this quick craft idea so my youngest could easily create something with no mess……..well…very little mess…. there’s always ‘some’ mess 🙂

You’ll need:

  • Paper – any colour I used black and it was A4 size
  • Tissue paper – a selection of colours is nice
  • Sticky back plastic/book covering film A4 size to match paper

Valentine craft
I drew a heart on some black paper and then another one about a centimetre in from the first and cut them both out to make a heart with a hole if that makes sense!

I chose a heart just because its nearly Valentine’s and I love ’em but you could do any shape you wish!
Heart in Fablon

Next I peeled the backing off the book covering film, stuck the heart on then put the backing back over the top so I could smooth it all out.
Peeling off the backing

With the backing still on, I cut out the heart, then peeled it off.
Toddler crafts

You will be left with a heart that has one sticky side.

….I really didn’t need this many photo’s to explain that I am sure….

toddler tissue paper heart

…on to the fun bit. Rip up or cut shapes out of tissue paper and let your little one stick them on the shape, wherever they want, however they want, just encourage them to keep them flat as much as possible.
Toddler Heart Craft

The stickiness of the plastic just makes it so simple, in fact we used book covering film and she could re-position the tissue paper if she wanted which was great. It was old though so that may be why!

Toddler Crafts
Once it was all covered, she proudly stuck it on our window with a mini couple of blobs of blue tack.

Its really cute and effective and I think we should make more and have a full stained glass window effect 🙂

I think it would be useful to make a few shapes up but leave the backing on with some tissue paper in a sandwich bag so if you need something to keep the little one busy, you can grab one quick and off they go.

Gem x

Handprint Heart Tree

We thought we would make my dad a picture who is in hospital at the moment. This handprint heart tree is really simple and quick and would be great for any occassion where toddler input is needed, like Mothers Day, Fathers Day or Valentines Day!

Painted hand
All you need is a toilet roll and some paint.

First I painted my littles ones hand and arm and pressed it on to the paper. I filled in any spaces that didn’t take with the paint to make it look like a tree trunk and branches.
Printing with a toilet roll
Then I pressed the toilet roll in to a heart shape. This will be the stamp to make heart shaped leaves.
Handprint Heart Tree
Press the end of the toilet roll in to red or pink paint and print all over the tree to create the leaves. I put the paint on a plate to make this easier for the girls to do.
Toddler Valentine Craft
A few green fingerprints later for grass and Grandads picture is done!
I think this would look good with hearts cut out of pink, red or even green paper, then the child can just stick them on instead of using the toilet roll.

Gem x

We had a go at baking for a change!

We started an Abel & Cole veg box scheme a couple of weeks ago and it is great! I love that the veg is organic, I’ve tried and liked veg I wouldn’t have bought before and all the packaging is recyclable plus the company is fun and quirky which leads me to the reason for this post.

Abel & Cole do fun competitions that I came across when I read their blog and this months was a Photo baking competition. All you have to do is bake some Citrus & Spice Shortbread, the recipe is located on their blog which you can find here and send in a photo and you can win the key ingredients to the next months recipe. Now, I don’t bake but when I read that they like a bit of quirkiness in the photo’s it appealed to my creative side and I knew the girls would love to do some baking so we had a go!

Toddler baking          Making Gingerbread

The recipe was really easy and great for the kids to get stuck in, we soon made the dough and the girls used alphabet and shape cutters which they loved! Here they are being cheeky monkeys.

Gingerbread for Abel & Cole DSC_0422 Abel & Cole gingerbread

We agreed that we should add fruit and veg to the photo and once I got the girls on track to not eat the biscuits which was REALLY hard as they smelt loooovely, they started adding the produce from our recent delivery…

DSC_0441    DSC_0439    Abel & Cole competition

The girls had great fun especially as they were making up new vegetable names whilst they were doing it like broccopear and carroty apples, which they thought was hilarious!

We finally got our photo which is this one…..

Abel & Cole competitionI love the photos with the girls in as they had such a good time but I thought this one was more generic to enter the competition! ….oh I might just send them two anyway, who doesn’t love a photo of two happy children! 🙂

We also made these with the leftover dough ….apparently the top left is me and the top right is Daddy :-/ DSC_0450We really enjoyed baking and actually I CAN do it! The shortbread was really yummy, I recommend it! We had nearly polished off the lot by the end of the day…….diet starts Monday right?!

Gem x

Lolly Stick Christmas Decorations

Toddler Xmas Crafts
Just a couple of quick ideas here – we’ve been crafting all week and the girls are really getting in to the Christmas spirit.

We made these easy decorations using lolly sticks but you could use twigs or thick card.

Lollypop snowflake
 I hot glued the lolly sticks into a cross shape then added another straight through the middle.
The kids dotted big-ish blobs of glue with a paintbrush and then picked out and added their buttons. I cut some felt and added it to the back with hot glue.

Lollypop TreeFirst we coloured the lolly sticks with green felt pen.

I then hot glued the sticks in to a triangle and the girls dotted glue and added sequins, pom poms and jewels.

I added some wool to the back for hanging.

lolly xmas tree
We hung them up on our tree and I’ve got to say I love our tree this year. There are lots of the childrens decorations on it now which makes it really special to me.
If you don’t have buttons, you could just use glitter (usually our first choice!) or use silver sequins or even paper circles – any small embellishment could work.

Kids Christmas Tree Garland

Getting stuck InI know its only the 1st December but we are soooo excited about Christmas in our house that I thought we would make a start on some decorations that the girls make themselves and hopefully can bring out each year until they are literally falling apart plus we needed cheering up as we have been unwell all week.

This project was brilliant. The girls loved decorating the trees and I loved the end result. This is what we did:

Cut Triangles

 I cut some triangles out of green card – I had a few different shades but just one shade of green would be just as great. I also cut mine different sizes but again I really don’t think that is important.

Setting Up

I set the girls up in a bit of a production line but they ended up just doing one at a time. I put pots of glitter, gems, pom poms, wool, sequins, anything I could find that they could use to decorate the trees. 

Glue and Sparkle

For a few of the trees I put the glue on so they could specifically create a tinsel effect with sparkle. The reason being I knew once the girls got started the trees could potentially all look the same so I thought it would distinguish a few as actual Christmas trees. 

In Progress

In fact I needn’t have worried as they loved the effect and my 2 year old exclaimed ‘They’re really great!’ about 3 times and then they both did their own tinsel lines on a few. They both really impressed me with how creative they were, I gave them a few ideas (of course, I can’t help butting in!!) and they crafted for aaaaagges! 

Once they were all done, I left them to dry and put the garland together when the girls were in bed.

Painted on Glue 
I decided to put discs of red card in between to make the garland longer (plus I have ajust bought a 2inch hole punch and reallly wanted to try it out :D….win!) So I decided on the words Happy Christmas and took a paintbrush and painted a letter in glue on each circle.


Glitter Letter


You can never have enough glitter, right?!

I just sprinkled glitter all over it, tapped it off and left it to dry.

The girls could have helped with that bit if they hadn’t been asleep.


To put it all together all I did was use a large needle and some festive red twine.

Sewing the Garland


Then I just sewed in from the front, around the back of each item and then back out to the front in roughly the same place opposite the first hole.

Like this —————————————>


A couple of tips here:

  • Layout your peices in order across the floor and sew them there, it doesn’t take long and you can instantly see your next peice to thread.
  • Make sure you leave a reasonable length of twine on the needle so that you have enough twine to hang your garland up.
  • When I threaded the needle and pulled a good couple of feet through (for hanging) I didn’t cut the twine, I just left it on its roll and cut it when I had finished the sewing. This way I could make sure I had enough.
  • I found it easier to pierce the card with the needle from the front in both places first, then sew, that way when you come through from the back you already have the hole in the right place.

Here are a few of their decorated trees. Its great when you do these things, to see just how capable little ones are and I learn things about them every time. My little two year old was so colour co-ordinated which I haven’t really noticed before. She had to have all the same colours on her tree or two colours that matched together! You can tell which ones are hers! And the older one copied every technique I showed her, for herself. It makes me very happy to have such great crafting sessions together.Christmas Tree made by kids

Here is our finished garland in place in the hall, its a really bare area so has brightened it up and I couldn’t get a good photo of it but trust me, it looks absolutely adorable! I love it!!

Christmas Tree Garland