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Toddler Tissue Paper Heart

Its all about the children this week as we have a few days off work but we are all ill so we’re mostly stuck inside. I put together this quick craft idea so my youngest could easily create something with no mess……..well…very little mess…. there’s always ‘some’ mess 🙂

You’ll need:

  • Paper – any colour I used black and it was A4 size
  • Tissue paper – a selection of colours is nice
  • Sticky back plastic/book covering film A4 size to match paper

Valentine craft
I drew a heart on some black paper and then another one about a centimetre in from the first and cut them both out to make a heart with a hole if that makes sense!

I chose a heart just because its nearly Valentine’s and I love ’em but you could do any shape you wish!
Heart in Fablon

Next I peeled the backing off the book covering film, stuck the heart on then put the backing back over the top so I could smooth it all out.
Peeling off the backing

With the backing still on, I cut out the heart, then peeled it off.
Toddler crafts

You will be left with a heart that has one sticky side.

….I really didn’t need this many photo’s to explain that I am sure….

toddler tissue paper heart

…on to the fun bit. Rip up or cut shapes out of tissue paper and let your little one stick them on the shape, wherever they want, however they want, just encourage them to keep them flat as much as possible.
Toddler Heart Craft

The stickiness of the plastic just makes it so simple, in fact we used book covering film and she could re-position the tissue paper if she wanted which was great. It was old though so that may be why!

Toddler Crafts
Once it was all covered, she proudly stuck it on our window with a mini couple of blobs of blue tack.

Its really cute and effective and I think we should make more and have a full stained glass window effect 🙂

I think it would be useful to make a few shapes up but leave the backing on with some tissue paper in a sandwich bag so if you need something to keep the little one busy, you can grab one quick and off they go.

Gem x